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In the 1940's the Allied forces were fighting a vicious, ruthless enemy set on ruling the world. From the imagination of Winston Churchill came Special Force Commando Units that would prove so effective as to change the course of the war. The First Special Service Force, the first combined Canadian and U.S. combat unit, commanded by their entrepid Colonel, Robert T. Frederick, was perhaps the most famous of such units. Due to their ferocious killing skills and blackened faces for night raids the fearful Germans gave them the nickname The Black Devils. Filmmaker, Les Owen, traveled with former Black Devils and their families, from Helena Montana where they originally trained, to the mountains, beaches and villages of Italy and France that were liberated by The Black Devils during WWII. "Victory Remembered" tells the compelling and emotional story of their bravery, commitment and victories in the face of overwhelming odds. In 2015 they were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor the US government can bestow. The inspiring stories of personal courage as told by family members and the veterans themselves remind us what it takes to defend freedom.