Screening in Dawson Creek, British Columbia

The Alaska Highway and the First Special Service Force.


"Victory Remembered” will get a special screening this evening in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.  John Hart, one of the producers of the film, will be making the presentation as part of festivities celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the building of the Alaska Highway.  Dawson Creek is "mile 0” of the highway and Fairbanks is Mile “1543”.  The connection between the Black Devils and the Alaska Highway starts with a gentleman named Ed Borders.   Ed (Elden) Borders was an engineering student at the University of Alaska when he was hired to conduct a survey of the proposed route of the Alcan (now Alaska) Highway. Starting in January 1941, Borders skied 1600 miles from Fairbanks to Hazelton, British Columbia in 91 days which was a world skiing record at the time.  He was joined by his dog "Butch" and a cameraman who filmed the winter trip.  It was later in 1943 that Borders joined the Canadian Army and was commissioned as a captain in the newly created First Special Service Force which was to begin training in Helena, Montana.  Sadly, he was killed in action on Dec 6, 1943 on Monte la Defensa, the Force’s first major battle.