General David Petraeus watches "Victory Remembered"

As I work to promote the film I have reached out to others who have valuable public relations experience.  Anyone who watches the film understands it's unique value and is eager to help.  Recently one of those associates introduced me to General David Petraeus through Linkedin and told him about the film.   Here is what I shared with him:

Dear General Petraeus,

It is an honor to meet you and be able to share this valuable story.  The First Special Service Force, also known as The Black Devils, was the first combined U.S and Canadian military unit and were the forefathers of all Special Forces.  Most people, however, have never heard of this top secret unit. They fought in Europe during WWII and were the first boots into Rome two days before D-Day.  Last year they received the Congressional Gold Medal in recognition of their unique and valuable service.  I have spent time with these veterans and had the privilege of making this film about those brave men and their families and am committed to sharing their story with everyone I can.  The message of the film goes beyond the events of their service and explores their legacy to include the villages they liberated, the families they continue to affect today and their personal struggles following the war.  I hope you have a moment to watch "Victory Remembered" and perhaps join me in letting others know about these amazing soldiers and true heroes that set the standard for bravery and training that our troops aspire to today.


Master Sgt Les Owen (retired)

He responded immediately, thanking me for sending him the film and saying he would try to make time to watch.  The next day he sent me a simple message. "Very, very nice, Les".  He had watched the film!  We at least know he has a positive first hand knowledge of the film and perhaps will mention it to others who will want to find out more.  Keep spreading the word!