BIG day for Victory Remembered! Distribution!

Today marks a big day for Victory Remembered.  I recently negotiated a contract with Lifesize Entertainment to distribute Victory Remembered, and today is their launch day for the film on various digital platforms.  Lifesize Entertaiment is a North American distributor for film and television programming and also provides programming worldwide when requested. )  Their primary goal for VR is to distribute it through digital streaming outlets, such as Hulu plus, Dailymotion, Amazon Prime, Fandor and others.  This means it can be seen through online streaming as well as television programming.  It will be a couple of weeks before Victory Remembered will appear on their public website but I'll keep you posted on that.  I'm very grateful for their enthusiastic support.  

The original film was 2 hours long (I call it the Director's Cut) and was well suited for the audience it was originally intended for, YOU, and the First Special Service Force fans!  However, it was necessary to create a 55 minute version to accommodate programming demands and enhance viewership, which I accomplished and am very happy with.  That will be the version Lifesize will market primarily.  

As I cut, gleaned and edited my way to that 55 minute target I focused on what the most relevant and precious moments were in the original film.  The wonderful result is I now have an 86:30 minute version that I consider to be the definitive and most effective product from our efforts.   It is better suited for screenings and presentations and carries the most emotional content home for the audience.

I will continue to reach out to organizations and groups to share the story.  More screening announcements are coming very soon!  I STILL feel we are just at the beginning!  We're making progress and people are responding to the story.  Thanks, as always for your help in making this film a reality.