Music Interviews: Mission Accomplished

The purpose of the composer interviews was to make people more aware of how valuable the music is in the film and recognize the talents of the composers.  This review by Mark Earnhardt says it all.  As the Director's Assistant, no one was closer to the production than him, yet until he heard the composers describe their process he didn't fully appreciate their music.


"I went on your Victory Remembered website last night... I found and watched the short videos about the music and I wanted to say I throughly enjoyed them. It was just awesome to hear what  the two composers were thinking about and trying to convey when composing their music. It delivers so much more insight to the march and the production, insight that I think most folks tend to overlook. Not intentionally, but just because compositions and soundtracks are so easy for most viewers to overlook, especially when it's successful. "Hidden in plain sight" so to speak. 

"I was really blown away when Adrian explained the soundtrack theme notes. Just 4 notes that define the entire soundtrack, and reappear in variations and texture throughout the doc. I remember first hearing about this years ago when watching a Star Wars making documentary, and George Lucas explaining the technique, and then rewatching the episodes with that extra insight into the music and the movie. It added so much more. I am excited to now rewatch VR and follow those 4 notes through all their complexities and variations! "