Another Corner Turned!

Although this may seem to be a painfully slow process for many of you I want to assure you that projects of this nature can take many years to produce.  I'm thrilled that in just a little over one short year since you guys funded the trip to Italy and France we are very close to having a completed film!

I have edited the"Extended Director's Cut" which is 32 chapters long and coming in at a surprisingly fast 3 hours!  I wanted to make sure that my stories, quotes, images and depictions were historically accurate and true so I sent the film to the four veterans depicted in the film for their comments and review.  I felt it was important that they had faith in the film and that they and their comrades had been justly depicted.

I'm happy to report that all of them stated they would not change a thing!  They are proud of the film and what it says about The Black Devils and their ongoing legacy.

Frankly, I could stop now and consider my goal accomplished just by having their approval!  But of course there is much more to be done.

My composer is about half way through this full version, which will be released in time.  At this point I begin creating the theatrical film version which I plan to come in somewhere between 90 and 100 minutes.  That is my goal.  At that point, Adrian Hernandez will redo the music score to accommodate the shorter film.

I also have the help of Gareth Buckland who is creating certain graphic aspects for the film.  

I still find myself going back and tweaking this and that and each time feel the film gets a little stronger.  I do in fact still have one last shot to get, but I'll say more about that later.

Thanks everyone for your support and love for this film and the vets whose story it tells.  I think you'll be proud of our story! - Les