DVD is now for SALE!! Stocking Stuffers?!

Today is the day I officially go public with the DVD!  Thanks, everyone, for your patience.  The reason for the delay was because of restrictions on distribution required by certain film festivals, particularly the Sundance Film Festival.


Yes, that’s right.  I submitted our little film to Sundance.  Hey, why play if you’re not going to take a full swing?  Sorry to say we did not get accepted.  The very polite letter from the Sundance folk apologized and expressed their best wishes for the film but they had almost 13,000 submissions this year to choose from.  13,000!!  A new record for them.  There are only 122 feature film slots in the festival.  We move on.


I have submitted the film to several other festivals around the U.S. and Canada and will continue to do so.  I’ll post those festivals later.  There has also been interest in private and public screenings by veterans groups, universities and private supporters.   I’m happy to say that the screenings so far have met with emotional and positive reviews. 


I know there is a great audience out there who will enjoy and be affected by this particularly meaningful story about the FSSF and their families.  We are just at the beginning and I am very excited to share the film with everyone!


Please go to the “Store” page on this website and order your copy of the DVD today, and share the website with your friends.  There are many out there who never heard of The Black Devils, but live in a world that was kept free by soldiers like these.  Their story needs to be shared.