Music Deserves Recognition

I know many of us acknowledge the importance of the musical soundtrack when we watch films.  The music can make or break a story.  It probably does more to create the emotional experience than any other single feature of a film.  I knew Victory Remembered deserved the right music.  There are so many rich and emotional stories that would find a deeper place in people's hearts if the music was right.  Adrian Hernandez is a brilliant composer and served as my angel when he agreed to write the score for my film.  I could never have asked for better.  There is also the story of the original march, "Frederick's Black Devils", that was written by Paul Murtha for the Force in recognition of the Congressional Gold Medal .  Last, but not least, is the story of the music behind my film company's logo "Treehouse Dreams Films".  The music for that was written by my son, Steve Owen.  Check out his very personal reflections regarding his process.  These three interviews are unique stories in themselves.  Watch the interviews on "The Music" page of this website.